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Calculated in Death

Calculated in Death by J. D. RobbOut Now in Hardback

On the steps outside an empty office in New York’s financial district, a woman lies dead. It’s a bitterly cold winter and her coat and other items are missing, which initially seems to point to a mugging gone wrong, but Lt Eve Dallas soon discovers that the body was dumped at the newly-renovated property. Now she has to find out why.

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Delusion in Death

Delusion in Death by J. D. RobbOut Now in Hardback

‘What would cause someone to want so many people, surely many of them strangers, to slaughter each other?’

The scene that greets Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her team one terrible evening in New York is more shocking than any of them have ever witnessed. The usually comfortable downtown bar is strewn with bodies – office workers who have been sliced, bludgeoned or hacked to death with the nearest weapon available. It appears they all turned on each other in a desperate blinding rage.

The new Eve Dallas thriller in which Eve comes up against a terrifying and seemingly untouchable mass murderer…

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New York to Dallas

New York to Dallas by J. D. RobbOut now in Paperback

New York homicide cop Eve Dallas is plunged into a terrifying nightmare, where her past and the present are about to collide.

Eve Dallas was just a rookie cop when her instincts led her to the apartment of Isaac McQueen, a murderer and paedophile, who was keeping young girls in cages. Now a homicide Lieutenant, Eve is one of the most distinguished officers in the city – and then she learns that McQueen has escaped from jail.

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Eve Dallas Books in Order

  1. Naked in Death
  2. Glory in Death
  3. Immortal in Death
  4. Rapture in Death
  5. Ceremony in Death
  6. Vengeance in Death
  7. Holiday in Death
  8. Conspiracy in Death
  9. Loyalty in Death
  10. Witness in Death
  11. Judgment in Death
  12. Betrayal in Death
  13. Seduction in Death
  14. Reunion in Death
  15. Purity in Death
  16. Portrait in Death
  17. Imitation in Death
  18. Divided in Death
  19. Visions in Death
  20. Survivor in Death
  21. Origin in Death
  22. Memory in Death
  23. Born in Death
  24. Innocent in Death
  25. Creation in Death
  26. Strangers in Death
  27. Salvation in Death
  28. Promises in Death
  29. Kindred in Death
  30. Fantasy in Death
  31. Indulgence in Death
  32. Treachery in Death
  33. New York to Dallas
  34. Celebrity In Death
  35. Delusion In Death
  36. Calculated in Death